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As stated in the LWV Impact on Issues 2019-2021, the League believes voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.

Bill Tracking

League priority bills are in bold below.

Senate Bills Senate House After Passage
Bill # Bill Name (Brief Title) League Position Take Action In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  Passed Legislature On Governor's Desk Signed
SB 5597 Enhanced Washington Voting Rights Act Supports

SB 5148
Harassment of Election Officials Supports


SB 5793
Stipends for Low Income People to Participate in Policy Making Supports

House Bills House Senate After Passage
Bill # Bill Name (Brief Title) League Position Take Action In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  Passed Legislature On Governor's Desk Signed
EHB 1453 Concerning Voter Pamphlets Supports

HB 1630 Prohibits Weapons at Government & Public meetings Supports

HB 1876 Disclosures for Ballot Measures having fiscal Impact on State Revenue Supports

HB 1953 Sensitive Voter Information Supports

Weekly Reports

These weekly updates will provide you with a "deep dive" into the progress of each bill, along with more analysis of the potential impact of the bill if it should pass. 

Bill Descriptions

SHB 1156 /SB 5584 Local Options Bill:  Gives local jurisdictions up to County Level the option to use Ranked Choice Voting if they choose. Secretary of State ensures that implementation is uniform statewide.

SB 5148 Harassment of election workers
This bill makes harassing an election worker a Class C felony. It clearly states that violating our democratic election process by harassing or threatening election officials and/or front-line temporary or permanent staff who count, tabulate, and process our ballots, is a Class C felony.

SB 5182 Repeal Advisory Votes: Advisory Votes have no impact on legislation passed, and add significantly to the cost of statewide elections. Required by law to be first on the ballot, they often have the unwanted effect of being confusing and discouraging to voters. Alternate explanation of impact of tax measures provided in this bill.

SB 5597 Enhanced Washington Voting Rights Act
This bill amends sections of the Washington Voting Rights Act to clarify what constitutes a violation of the act. It seeks to protect members of classes who do not have an equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice through methods that have created vote dilution or polarized voting. 

SB 5636 Secure Automatic Voter Registration Qualified citizens are registered to vote automatically when doing any transaction involving an Automatic Voter Registration agency (for example, applying for Washington State Driver’s License) eliminating the need for Licensing agent’s time. Election agency notifies the new voter, who may opt out at that time. It saves time, money, and registers more voters.

HB 1453 Regulates Candidate Statements/Ballot Measure Language in Voters’ Pamphlet
This bill adds restrictions to candidate statements, and to arguments for/against ballot measures in voters’ pamphlets. It requires that the people who write arguments for/against ballot measures in local voters’ pamphlets live in that jurisdiction. And it would increase the fine for publishing/distributing campaign material that is deceptively similar to a voters’ pamphlet.

HB 1485 Recognizing Women's Suffrage Day as a legal holiday
This bill designates March 22 to be a state legal holiday. On March 22, 1920, Washington became the 35th state to ratify the amendment that prohibited the denial of the right to vote on the basis of sex.

HB 1618 Prohibiting Weapons at Election Related Offices
This bill extends existing restrictions on guns in schools and courthouses to include ballot counting centers, student engagement hubs (college or school campus) county election offices and voter registration facilities statewide. Weapons are defined as any device, object or instrument intended to be used with the intent to injure. 

HB 1630 No Open Carry at Government or Public Meetings
This bill extends “open carry” restrictions against firearms and other dangerous weapons granted in legislation passed last year that applied to Washington State Capitol buildings and grounds to now include government meetings (including school board meetings) and public hearings in a city, town, county or other municipality. It does not apply to military, law enforcement or security personnel at government/public meetings. 

HB 1652 Concerning conservation district elections
This bill would make changes to the election process to increase public engagement and voter participation.

HB 1876 Fiscal impact of Ballot Measures on Public Investments/Services. Voters use the initiative and referendum processes to voice their opinion to the legislature, and they are entitled to know the fiscal impact their vote will have on public investment/services when they cast their votes. This act creates neutral, nonprejudicial disclosure of fiscal impacts and provides greater transparency and more information for voters. It would show voters which services would have an increase or decrease in funding if passed.

HB 1926/SB 5851 Ranked Choice Voting for Presidential Primaries would eliminate “wasted” primary votes and can produce choices with broad voter support for representation at National Conventions.

HB 1953 Exempts Sensitive Voter Information from Public Disclosure This bill exempts sensitive voter information on ballot return envelopes, ballot declarations and signature correction forms from public disclosure.

How To Be Involved
  • Local Leagues in Washington have action chairs who coordinate action teams. Some local Leagues have democracy teams to take action locally. Contact your local League action chair to find out and join.
  • You may also express your opinion on legislation with the LWVWA issue chairs. We will take your perspectives under considerations as we determine our support for legislation and prepare testimony. Cindy Madigan, Elections Issue Chair,

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