Local League Forums and debates around Washington State

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Year: 2022

1January, 2022FebruaryMarch
Jun 21 LD 21, Position 2 Candidate Forum airs on KSER 90/7 FM
Jun 22 LD 32 Senator Race Candidate Forum Airs on KSER 90.7 FM
Jul 08 Congressional District 1 Candidate Forum - Live Stream!
Jul 11 LWVJC Sheriff Candidates
Jul 12 24th Legislative District Primary 2022
Jul 12 Candidate Forum - Leg Dis 22 Pos 1 (LWVTC)
Jul 12 Candidate Forum - Leg Dis 22 Position 2
Jul 12 Candidate Forum - Leg Dist 35 Position 2
Jul 13 LWVJC County Commissioners Primary Forum
Sep 20 Public Forum Featuring Candidates for Mason County Auditor, Assessor, and Clerk
Sep 26 County Council District 1 & 2, County Auditor Candidate Forums (LWVCC)
Sep 29 LD 39 Candidate Forum (LWV Skagit County)
Sep 29 Spokane County Commissioner, District 1; Spokane County Commissioner, District ; District Court Forums (LWV Spokane Area)
Sep 29 LD 44 Candidate Forum LiveStream (LWC Snohomish Cty)
Sep 30 Public Utility District #1 Commissioner and Whatcom County District Court Judge Forums (LWVBWC)
Oct 03 Legislative District 4, Pos 1 and 2 Forums (LWV Spokane)
Oct 03 County Commissioner District 3 Forum (LWVCLA)
Oct 03 17th LD and Public Utilities District Candidate Forums
Oct 05 Spokane County Prosecutor
Oct 05 PUD Commissioner District 1 Forum (LWVCLA)
Oct 05 Candidate Forum: Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney
Oct 06 Voter Forum SJ County Sheriff's Race
Oct 07 US Congressional District 2 Candidate Forum
Oct 10 49th LD and County Sheriff Candidate Forums (LWVCC)
Oct 11 LD 21 Candidate Forum - Livestream (LWV Snohomish Cty)
Oct 11 Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners Forums (LWV Jefferson)
Oct 11 LD 25 House of Representative, Pos. 1 & 2 Forum (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County)
Oct 12 Legislative District 40 Position 2 Candidate Forum
Oct 12 18th LD and Clark County Council District 5 Candidate Forums (LWVCC)
Oct 13 Clallam County Sheriff (LWVCLA)
Oct 13 Speed Dating with the Candidates (LWV of Mason County)
Oct 14 42nd Legislative District Representative 1 and 2 (LWVBWC)
Oct 15 3rd Congressional District Debate (LWVCC)
Oct 15 State Senator, 26th Legislative District Forum (LWV Kitsap)
Oct 17 Congressional District 10 Forum (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County)
Oct 17 State Representative, 23rd Legislative District, Positions 1 & 2 Forum (LWV Kitsap)
Oct 17 Kittitas County Coroner Forum (LWV Kittitas)
Oct 18 Whatcom County Proposition 5, Healthy Children Initiative Forum (LWVBWC)
Oct 18 Legislative District 26 Senate races and House positions 1&2 (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County)
Oct 18 District Court, County Clerk, and County Auditor Forums (LWV Kittitas)
Oct 18 Island County elected officials: Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Sheriff and Treasurer Forums (LWV Whidbey)
Oct 18 CD 1 Candidate Forum (LWV Snohomish Cty)
Oct 18 16th LD - Representative Positions 1 and 2 Forum (LWVBF)
Oct 18 Election Forum: Klickitat County Commissioners - District 2, County Auditor, and County Clerk
Oct 19 Kitsap County Commissioner, District 3 (LWV Kitsap)
Oct 19 PUD Commissioner District 1 (LWV Kitsap)
Oct 19 Pasco SD, District 3; Benton Franklin District Court; Franklin County Sheriff Forums (LWVBF)
Oct 20 Lewis County Unit-At-Large Election Forum "Meet and Greet"
Oct 20 Legislative District 10 Position 1 & 2 Candidate Forum
Oct 20 Pierce County Council, Districts 1, 5 & 7 Forums (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County)
Oct 20 Island County Commissioner District 3 and LD 10 House Position 1 and 2 Forums (LWV Whidbey)
Oct 20 Yakima County Commissioner Forum (LWVYC)
Oct 20 Benton Co. Commissioner Pos. 2, Benton Co. Prosecuting Attorney, and Franklin Co. Commissioner (LWVBF)
Oct 21 Kitsap County Auditor Forum (LWV Kitsap)
Oct 22 Legislative District 29 Senate & House positions 1 and 2 Forum (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County)
Oct 23 Secretary of State Candidate Debate
Oct 23 Senate Candidate Debate
Oct 24 Pierce County Auditor Forum (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County
Oct 24 Legislative District 28 House positions 1&2 Forums (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County)
Oct 26 Legislative District 31 Senate & House position 1 Forum (LWV Tacoma/Pierce County)
Oct 31 Registration Deadline (Mail/Online)
Nov 08 2022 General Election
Dec 01 LWVSKC: Decline of Local News Forum with Dee Anne Finken

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