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The State We're In: Washington (Grades 3-5 Edition)

Your guide to state, tribal and local government

Picture of the cover of the state we're in, 8th edition. This edition of The State We’re In: Washington is a civics/history textbook designed for elementary grades 3-5. It’s many colorful images, descriptive pictures and graphics not only enhance the text but demonstrate the ethnic and geographic diversity of our state. The book is easy and fun to read. It includes chapters on how the early explorers affected the Tribes, some details about early explorers who arrived by ship, the Lewis and Clark Expedition and other items required for these grades. It includes two chapters about how our Tribes govern themselves and how they interact with state and local governments.

Other chapters describe how our state was formed, how local and state governments work and how governments effect the natural world. It is designed to help students learn who makes the rules in our homes, schools, cities and state and how they can have a part in making decisions that affect their lives.

We anticipate having an online version available by January 2021. It will be ADA compliant so students with disabilities can use Screen Readers and enjoy this interesting book.

Questions? Contact the state office by e-mail or call (206) 622-8961.

The State We're In: Washington

Your guide to state, tribal and local government

Picture of the cover of the state we're in, 8th edition.The League produces a highly acclaimed civics textbook, The State We're In: Washington—Your Guide to State, Tribal and Local Government, a friendly, easy-to-read primer that covers the basics of what government is, how it works, and why we should care about it. It is generously illustrated with graphs, photos and drawings.

The State We're In is the only book that includes historic and current Tribal government as an integral part of civics education. It’s telling of Washington state’s history is fully inclusive of all the peoples of our state.

Written for middle school and up, it is also a useful tool for ELL, GED and Basic Education programs. Its Teacher's Curriculum Guide is coded to all current state standards. Teachers, librarians and the Washington State Indian Education Association endorse it, and over 22,500 copies have been distributed statewide.

Questions? Contact the state office by e-mail or call (206) 622-8961.

WhaT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A Good Citizen?

This colorful poster was adapted from a chapter in the League’s civics textbook: The State We're In: Washington—Your Guide to State, Tribal and  Local Government. It describes many aspects of citizenship and encourages thinking about things we can do in our daily lives to make democracy work better.

The posters, requested by teachers as a visual aid for their classrooms, are also great for use in, libraries, stores, and even in salons and barber shops!

The poster comes included with The State We're In Classroom set or may also be purchased separately. Ordering information below. 

Prices and How to Order


The price per book varies based on total quantity ordered, and includes taxes and shipping:

  • Single books are $24.
  • Orders of 2-16 books are $20 each.
  • Orders or 17 or more books are $11 each.
  • Classroom Sets are orders of 30 books, plus a How to Be a Good Citizen poster. The version for grades middle school and up also includes a Teacher's Curriculum Guide, The sets are $330 each.

Teacher's Curriculum Guide—$10 each
Poster: What Does It Take to Be a Good Citizen?—$5 each

* Note: The prices for schools paying via purchase order are slightly different to account for local sales tax requirements.

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