Coalition Partners

The LWVWA participates in coalitions with other groups that share common causes and interests. This allows for increased coordination and effectiveness in dealing with legislators. In general, we share information that our coalition partners provide directly or through social media so long as neither our nonpartisan policy nor our positions are compromised.

Views expressed by non-League partners are not necessarily those of the League; these links are provided as a service to visitors.


People Powered Elections Washington

PPE was formed specifically to expand the use of vouchers to fund elections. One of the greatest challeges our state faces is the rapidly increasing amount of money from weatlthy special intersts and billionaries surging into our elections. Democracy Vouchers are a proven solution that returns power to everyday people. Along with that there must be strict accountability for candidates receiving Democracy Vouchers to keep elections honest, accountable and transparent. The Public Disclosure Commission needs adequate funding to administer and regulate Democracy Vouchers.

Washington for Equitable Representation (WER) 

WER is a multiracial, multigenerational coalition focused on achieving proportional representation through ranked-choice voting. We believe in a just and equitable society where historically marginalized communities have equal opportunity to elect their candidates of choice and achieve equitable representation in government. The coalition’s mission is to ensure fair representation in our elected bodies through ranked-choice voting and create a civil democracy that works for all Washington residents.

Raises the profile of redistricting advocacy and encourages more organizations to get involved in redistricting advocacy.

Washington Voting Justice

The mission of the coalition is to increase civic participation by changing power structures that deny certain people meaningful access to the vote and having their voices heard.


Environmental Priorities Coalition 

The Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC) is a statewide effort of groups that seek to advance pro-environmental legislation in the state legislature.

NW Energy Coalition 

The coalition is an alliance of environmental, civic, and human service organizations, progressive utilities, and businesses that promote development of renewable energy and energy conservation, consumer protection, low-income energy assistance, and fish and wildlife restoration on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

People's Voice on Climate 

The People's Voice on Climate promotes Citizens’ Assemblies as a meaningful, just, and durable way to address climate change.

Transportation Choices Coalition 

Transportation Choices is a statewide organization working to bring Washingtonians more opportunities to take a bus, catch a train, walk, and bike. They work with legislators in Olympia to make transit a priority for our state, help cities and towns find creative ways to build and maintain sidewalks and bike lanes, and support citizens and community groups that want to build the connections that make their communities work.

Social and Economic Policy

Balance Our Tax Code
To create a just, more equitable tax code for Washington State. The legislative agenda for 2023 will be set in late Fall 2022. At present, two areas are known: 1) Wealth tax; and 2) Support for guaranteed basic income pilot project. This is an opportunity to work with a large number of like-minded organizations on common legislative interests. LWVWA alone could not achieve this revenue goals without a coalition like this. Additionally, LWVWA got visibility and credibility by working with others on legislative strategy, such as specific testimony coordinated with others.

Children’s Alliance 

The Children’s Alliance mission is to improve the wellbeing of children by effecting positive changes in public policy, priorities, and programs. We have a right and responsibility to make our government responsive to children and families by advocating for equitable healthcare as well as equitable treatment for children of all backgrounds and abilities. The Children’s Alliance also advocates for quality childcare and early childhood education. The League’s position on healthcare is that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare and this should include oral health, especially for children.

Commit to Change WA 

Commit to Change WA is a statewide effort to replace the failed policies of the past with proven approaches that address substance use disorder through prevention, outreach, and recovery services.

Early Learning Action Alliance 

The Early Learning Action Alliance is a broad coalition of organizations representing a diverse array of Washington nonprofits, professional associations, businesses, and industries. We are united by the belief that all children in Washington state deserve to have the opportunities and support they need in their first five years of life to be prepared for school and a bright future.

Health Care Is a Human Right 

HCHR is a longtime partner with the League and other equity focused coalitions focused on creating a path through advocacy and supporting legislation for a more just healthcare system. From undermining the Medicare Fund, privatization of Medicare, limiting healthcare for Veterans and healthcare costs rising, the League's position on health care is that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare and that now is the time to work toward universal Healthcare, a more affordable, inclusive and equitable vehicle.

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance 

The alliance, through advocacy, education, and organizing, works to ensure that all Washington State residents have the opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities.

Washington State Senior Citizens' Lobby 

This coalition works to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens through education and legislation. It collaborates on legislation affecting senior citizens, including financial, environmental, health care, retirement, transportation, and veterans issues.

Other Partnerships and Colleagues

Columbia River Treaty NGO Caucus 
The caucus is part of the Save Our Wild Salmon coalition, which co-leads the US NGO Treaty Caucus that works with Native American tribes and allies in British Columbia. The caucus aims to sustain and restore the health of this international river system, support tribal and nontribal communities, and recover its wild salmon and other fish and wildlife resources.

Cybersecurity Group for National Concurrence with LWV Oregon 

The Cybersecurity Group is working on a concurrence proposal for the 2022 LWV National Convention.

Hanford Advisory Board 

The primary mission of the Hanford Advisory Board (HAB) is to provide informed recommendations and advice to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) on selected major policy issues related to the cleanup of the Hanford site that contains radiological and chemical wastes related to nuclear industry projects.

Puget Sound Environmental Caucus

The caucus is part of the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) and is a coalition of environmental groups that review and follow the PSP, its action agenda, and other activities and issues related to Puget Sound.

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