2022 Legislative Issues

Our dedicated lobby team members write issue papers before each legislative session that provide the background behind the League's position on each issue as well as outline the anticipated plans and legislation for the upcoming session. As we get closer to the start of the 2022 legislative, we will add more content tracking the progress of the bills we are following.

Making Democracy Work®


Improve access to the ballot, modernize elections to allow for better representation and more flexibility, and facilitate better understanding of initiatives
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Money in Politics

Reduce influence of special interest money in politics, provide public financing for campaigns for some offices, ensure transparency, restore citizen confidence, and prevent conflicts of interest

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We call for comprehensive redistricting reform before 2031 that includes an updated commission, ongoing staff support, process transparency, clearer criteria, an inclusive process for public input and language accessibility.

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Fully fund K-12 and increase funding for student support services, including broadband access

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Climate and Energy

Promote measures to address the climate crisis and advocate for clean and renewable sources

Download Climate and Energy Issue Paper 
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Protect and restore forests

Download Forests Issue Paper 
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Growth Management

Land use decisions must protect resource lands, forests, shorelines, rural areas and agriculture and also enhance climate resilience

Download Growth Management Issue Paper 
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Protect and restore rivers

Download Rivers Issue Paper 
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Achieve balanced and efficient systems, prioritizing those that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and congestion 

Download Transportation Issue Paper 
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Social and Economic Policy

Housing and Homelessness

Ensure affordable housing for all

Download Housing and Homelessness Issue Paper 
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Health and Behavioral Health

Provide access to affordable health services with quality standards of care, and control total system expenditures for health services

Download Health Care, Behavioral Health, and Reproductive Rights Issue Paper 
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Promote a balanced, fair, adequate, and flexible tax structure as well as the establishment of a public bank

Download Revenue Issue Paper 
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