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17 May 2018 9:31 AM | Deleted user

The Membership, Engagement, & Leadership Development (MELD) Program Pilot Pod calls have gone well and, with Board and MELD Coach support, we have decided to expand the program state-wide in June. 

On Friday, June 1 in Richland, the day before Council 2018 begins, we are holding a MELD Training Session with the LWVWA Board, MELD Coaches, and representative from all (we hope) 20 Local Leagues. The purpose is to build a strong framework to support the launch of the new Pods. This training session is separate from Council, includes lunch, and there is no cost. 

We have divided our 20 Local Leagues (LLs) into five MELD Pods (we currently have five MELD Coaches). We aimed to create diverse groups with at least one LL from Eastern Washington, one large LL, and one LL who has not recently had a MLD Coach.

2018/2019 MELD Pod Groups

Pod 1: Yakima, Tacoma/Pierce, Cowlitz, Clark

Coach: Judy Golberg, Board Liaison: Judy Davis

Pod 2: Pullman, Snohomish, Skagit, Mason

Coach: Barbara Seitle, Board Liaison: Joanna Cullen

Pod 3: Spokane, Bellingham/Whatcom, San Juan, Clallam

Coach: Kim Abel, Board Liaison: Mary Coltrane

Pod 4: Kittitas, Seattle/KC, Jefferson, Whidbey

Coach: Myra Howrey, Board Liaison: Lunell Haught & Katherine Murphy

Pod 5: Benton/Franklin, Thurston, Grays Harbor, Kitsap

Coach: Lynn Busacca, Board Liaison: Michelle Valentine

Stay tuned in early summer for the launch of the Engaging Notes blog and MELD Page on the LWVWA website.

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