Establishing Fair Revenue

Achieve a balanced transportation system that is integrated, adequate and effective, prioritizes maintenance and emphasizes emissions reduction and traffic reduction strategies such as public transportation.

Issue Team Chair: Cynthia Stewart,
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2020 Legislative Session Expectations
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Revenue is the Biggest Transportation Issue in 2020

In the 2019 session, a major transportation bill was passed, providing funding and a timeline for a large number of transportation projects around the state. Other key measures that were passed include legislation advancing green transportation, enhancing a shift to electric vehicle use, increasing safety for pedestrians, and creating a state commercial aviation coordination commission.

Because the 2020 legislative session is the second half of the biennium, a short session, there will be fewer major bills passed. The goal for 2020 would normally be to further enhance green transportation and support for increased transit funding. However, what will be considered in the 2020 session depends on how the Legislature decides to respond to Initiative 976.  This Initiative, if approved as constitutional by the court, will have a devastating effect on state and local transportation funding, especially transit. Pending that judicial outcome, there is an injunction that allows jurisdictions to continue to collect the revenue, but the state is cautious about not spending funds they would potentially need to return.

This week’s hearings have been to review the Governor’s proposed budget and to hear the “State of the State’s Transportation” briefing by Transportation Secretary Roger Millar.  It is called “Beyond Tomorrow:  Laying the Foundation of Washington’s Transportation Future” and describes the lack of funding to maintain the system, much less add to it.  Click here to see the power point used in that briefing and here (scroll to 39:20) to see the video of the briefing.

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Bills the League Supports

The following bills were pending at the end of the 2019 session but may not be relevant this year.  Next week’s newsletter will highlight emerging legislation.

  • HB 1110 Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuels. This bill would limit the greenhouse gas emissions per unit of transportation fuel energy to 10 percent below 2017 levels by 2028 and 20 percent below 2017 levels by 2035. UPDATE: Watch for this bill in future Climate Change sections of the Legislative Newsletter. 
  • HB 1508 / SB 5521 Concerning the distribution of connecting Washington funds to local and state transportation agencies would continue the 16-year transportation funding plan called Connecting Washington established in 2015. New revenue would support the new transportation funding package under development this year. 
  • HB 2068 Relating to providing discounted toll rates to certain individuals on certain tolled facilities would establish a program that would provide a 40% discount in tolls on the following roads for people in the TANF and food stamp programs. Roads include SRs 167, 405 and 509.
  • HB 1664 / SB 5336 Relating to advancing electric transportation would support development of transportation electrification plans by public electric utilities and asks the Department of Commerce to conduct a study.  
  • HB 1228 / SB 5130 Increasing transportation revenues to help fund state fish barrier removal.
  • SB 5811 Reducing emissions by making changes to the clean car standards and clean car program. 

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