Resolution Procedure

Resolutions Procedures as outlined in the Standing Rules of Convention.

E. Resolutions

  1. Any registered delegate to LWVWA Convention may offer a resolution.
  2. Delegate must use the form available online: Resolution Submission form and are encouraged to submit the Resolution prior to Convention online.
  3. Resolutions must be submitted using the form published online—the Resolution Submission Form by deadline published in the Convention Agenda. This is a hard deadline, and members offering resolutions should make themselves aware of it.
  4. At least two weeks before the Convention, the President shall have appointed a Resolutions Committee consisting of a current board member and two other League members.
  5. The Resolutions Committee shall meet at Convention at a time announced in agenda.
    1. To hear each delegate who wishes to explain its resolution to the Resolutions Committee
    2. To consider whether each resolution meets the requirements as to form, notice or exception to notices and the following criteria:
      1. Consistent with Bylaws and Principles
      2. Consistent with League program positions and the position is identified on the Resolutions Submission Form
      3. Addresses a single, topical issue
      4. Requires time-sensitive governmental action
      5. Likely to have an impact on the single topical issue as described
      6. Consistent with the current stated legislative priorities
      7. Can be implemented using existing League resources
  6. Resolutions committee shall report its findings on all submitted resolutions—Proposed Resolutions are either reported affirmatively or determined to not meet the stated criteria. The Chairman of the Resolutions Committee will announce those findings to the Convention at the beginning of the plenary session on Sunday morning.
  7. Any resolution reported affirmatively by the Resolutions Committee may be moved for consideration of the Convention following adoption of Program. Any motion to appeal a ruling of the President regarding the presentation of resolutions shall require a two-thirds vote.
  8. Debate and action on resolutions shall take place after action on Proposed Program, Concurrences, and Not- recommended Program items. Adoption requires a majority vote.
  9. Those who desire to make Resolutions may consult with the Resolutions committee prior to deadlines to be sure that Resolution meets form and content requirements.
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