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Ensure the 2021 redistricting process is well publicized, accessible to the widest range of constituents, efficient, and transparent, and support an accurate and complete 2020 Census.

Issue Chair: Alison McCaffree, 720-6813
 DOWNLOAD the Census Issue Paper (Nov 2020)
 DOWNLOAD the Redistricting Issue Paper (Nov 2020)
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What to Expect in 2021

(Interested in the 2020 Session Recap? Click Here )


Your voting power starts here. Where the lines are drawn for Legislative and Congressional districts affect your voting power for the next 10 years. Our current redistricting reform activities focuses on the 2021 Washington State Redistricting Commission itself. We encourage you to attend a Speak Up School and testify to the commission with your communities needs. LWVWA is also putting together mapping solutions. Read more to find out the details. 

The members of the commission have been appointed and begun their work to draw the new Legislative and Congressional districting lines by November 15, 2021. They are currently setting up their staff and beginning to outline their outreach process. Please watch for meeting announcements and links to past meetings at the commission's website:

Commissioners are:
House Democrats: April Sims
Senate Democrats: Brady Pinero Walkinshaw
House Republicans: Paul Graves
Senate Republicans: Joe Fain
Non-voting Chair: Sarah Augustine

Next Commission meeting is: Monday, April 12th, 7pm See: for agenda.

LWVWA is working to improved citizen trust, transparency, representation and overall effectiveness of the redistricting commission and its processes. Click Here for a list of recommendation given to the Commission on April 12, 2021. 

Our initiatives are:

  • Put on Speak Up Schools all over the state and get over 2000 people to testify to the commission in the spring of 2021. Speak Up Schools are workshop to inspire you and help you make your testimony effective. For more information go to our page on Speak Up Schools here
  • Draw our own set of maps and submit them to the commission.  Based on the input we've received from people all over the state, LWVWA will create district maps that are legal and representative. We will work in coalition with many other organizations to form one set of maps with our collective priorities.

For future legislative sessions we will be developing the following legislation and possible initiatives:

  • Repeat a bill similar to the 2020 bill HB 2575 in preparation for the 2031 redistricting cycle: Improve efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the 2031 Washington State Redistricting Commission and maximize the impact of public input.
  • Change the composition of the Washington State Redistricting Commission to include ordinary people who are unaffiliated with the two major parties, greater commissioner diversity including women and people of color and representation from regions outside of Puget Sound.


    The numbers from the 2020 Census are at the heart of redistricting. With the pandemic forcing the U.S. Census Bureau to adjust it plans, the final number are delayed. The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to rule on former President Trump’s attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from apportionment data.

    • The U.S. Census Bureau is now saying that appropriation numbers will be delivered by April 30th, and redistricting numbers will be delivered by September 30th. 
    • On January 20th President Biden issued an Executive Order to ensure all person living in the U.S. are counted in the Census numbers used for redistricting.

    Bills The League Supports

    SB 5013 Local Redistricting Deadlines. With this bill, local municipalities are required to redistricting by Nov 15 even if the Census data is delayed. Current law gives municipalities eight months after they receive the data. (RCW 29A.76.010 and 2018 c 301 s 8). An emergency clause means this law would go into effect immediately after it is signed. 

     Status SB5013 passed the Senate 49/0 on January 27 and passed in the House 98/0 on March 24.

    How to be Involved

    1) Host or Attend A Speak Up School

    • Find out if your area is hosting a Speak Up School and join the efforts. Check out the Speak Up School page. We need people to be coaches, zoom assistants, and outreach coordinators. We need your help to make sure over 2000 people to testify.
    • Is your area not hosting? There is a ready-made curriculum that is easily accesses, so it is easy to host your own. Please contact to find out more information.

    2) Host or Attend a Listening Session 

    • In order to make sure our maps take into account as many local ideas as possible, LWVWA needs to hear from you. Join or host a session to hear from your community about how the district lines affect you. Contact Alison at if you would like to host a listening session.

    3) Testify to the 2021 Washington Redistricting Commission on your district

    • The Commission will solicit community input in approximately late spring or summer 2021. Be sure to give your input. Sign up for our Legislative Newsletter and watch for announcements about when the Commission is holding hearings. After you have testified, please let us know how it went. We are collecting stories and suggestions for the future.

    Additional Resources

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