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Gun Safety

Limit accessibility of firearms, including assault-style weapons and high capacity clips. Enact safe storage requirements for guns.

Issue Team Chair: Pat Griffith, pgriffith@lwvwa.org(206) 285-2452
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2020 Legislative Session Expectations

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With the continuing frequency and severity of mass shootings, the legislature needs to have as a priority bills restricting High Capacity Magazines and restrictions on ammunition purchases.

Other bills with public safety implications include mandatory reporting of lost and stolen firearms; expanding gun-free zones to include childcare centers, libraries, and parks; adding hate motivation to issuance of Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

With a short 60-day session and November 2020 elections, it is doubtful that controversial changes to current gun laws will be addressed. The High Capacity Magazine restrictions should be an exception as there is high public support and bills passed both House and Senate Committees and Rules Committees but were not brought to floor votes in the 2019 session.

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Bills the League Supports
  • HB 1010 Concerns the disposition of forfeited firearms by the Washington State Patrol. Currently those weapons can be sold and often end up in criminal use.
  • SHB 1068 / SSB 5062 Imposing a limit on the size of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
  • SSB 5745 Concering hate as a threat in Extreme Risk Protection Orders

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