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Election Security

Ensure secure, accurate, transparent elections, and utilize best practices to reduce rejected ballots.

Issue Chair: Kirstin Mueller, 293-5046
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Right Now in Election Security
The League looks forward to working with legislators during the 2021 legislative session to improve election security by supporting:
  • Improved cybersecurity measures to ensure our voting system can be defended against attacks.
  • Publicly verifiable post-election audits and easy and timely access to audit results.
  • Improved reconciliation reports including greater detail of ballot rejection rates.
  • Improved tracking and procedures for chain of custody of voted ballots.
  • Public access to election records including ballot images and cast vote records when voter privacy and ballot anonymity can be maintained.

Bills the League Supports

SB 5015 Concerning fraudulent portrayal of ballot boxes. Makes it a gross misdemeanor to represent an unofficial ballot collection site or device as an official ballot drop box that has been established by the county auditor.

 Status The bill passed out of the Senate and the House. The bill is awaiting signature from the House president before being delivered to the Governor.

HB 1068 Relating to exempting election security information from public disclosure. The continuity of operations plan for election operations, and any security audits, security risk assessments, or security test results relating to physical security or cybersecurity of election operations or infrastructure would be exempt from disclosure in their entirety.

 Status The bill has been delivered to the governor and is awaiting his signature.

How to Be Involved

  • Stay in contact with your Legislators.
  • Reply to Action Alerts.
  • Subscribe to the LWVWA Legislative newsletter so that you receive it weekly on Sundays during the session starting Jan. 10, 2021 and ending with a wrap up in May 2021.
  • Contact the Election Security Issue Chair.

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