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Election Security

Promote security, accuracy, auditability, and transparency in elections.

Issue Team Chair: Kirstin Mueller, 293-5047
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2020 Legislative Session Expectations

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The League looks to work with legislators during the 2020 legislative session to improve election security by supporting:

  • Improved cybersecurity measures to ensure our voting system can be defended against attacks.
  • Publicly verifiable post-election audits and easy and timely access to audit results.
  • Improved reconciliation reports including greater detail of ballot rejection rates.
  • Improved tracking and procedures for chain of custody of voted ballots.
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    Bills the League Supports
    • HB 1251 Requiring the secretary of state to submit an annual report of any security breaches of the state’s electoral systems.
    • HB 1821 Requiring standardized postelection audit reports. County auditors would need to include information such as the races audited, any discrepancies found, and the voting systems audited. Uniform reporting of audit results would allow for increased public confidence in election outcomes and election security statewide. UPDATE: Heard in the House State Government Committee on Friday January 17 at 8am.

    • HB 2111 Concerning enhancing cybersecurity by eliminating the return of ballots by fax and email. This act addresses cybersecurity attacks and reduces vulnerability and the risk of election tampering. This is accomplished by eliminating email and fax submission of ballots. UPDATE:  Scheduled for a hearing in the House State Government Committee on Tuesday January 21 at 1:30pm.

    • HB2647/SB 6412 Requesting increased election security funding for local election officials, requiring improved chain of custody for voted ballots, eliminating email ballot return for military and overseas voters, and requiring all recounts be conducted manually.

    Bills the League is Watching

    • HB 2293  Relating to exempting election security information from public records disclosure.
    • SB 6183  Relating to allowing service and overseas voters to use the common access card as a digital signature for proof of identity on certain election materials
    There are a number of other areas of Democracy that we are working on.  Please see Campaign Finance & Government EthicsCensus & Redistricting, and Elections. 

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