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Fully fund K-12 and increase funding for student support services, including broadband access.

Issue Chair: Catherine Ahl, 697-7924
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Right Now in Education

Bills the League Supports

    SB 5030 This bill would require school districts to develop and implement a written plan for a school counseling program by the 2022-23 school year. It would require school counselors to spend at least 80 percent of their time providing services to students rather than on meetings and administration.

     Status The bill passed the House. The Senate budget funds half of a guidance counselor in each high poverty elementary school, but the House expands this to high poverty middle and high schools as well. The House budget also includes $11 million in additional funds to expand the nurse corps program.

    SB 5044 This bill would add equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism to existing cultural competency training for school board directors, district staff, and school staff.

     Status The bill is on the House floor and could be voted on anytime this weekend. There is funding in the Senate budget and possibly in the House budget.

    SB 5128 This bill would provide additional student transportation funding during a local, state, or national emergency.

     Status The House passed the bill with an amendment striking all the funding and just leaving the policy provisions, so it will go back to the Senate. There is funding for this bill in the Senate Budget and more funding in the House budget.

    HB 1139 This bill requires school buildings built or plumbing replaced before 2016, to do sampling and testing for lead contamination at drinking water outlets. The House Committee on Appropriations amended the bill making it null and void unless funded in the budget.

     Status  The bill is on the Senate floor and could be voted on anytime this weekend. There is around $3 million in both Capitol Budgets.

    HB 1225 This bill would establish a school-based health center program office to award grants and provide support, training, and technical assistance to school-based health centers.

     Status The bill passed the Senate and should be sent to the governor.

    HB 1273 This bill would require school districts and private schools by the 2022-23 school year to make menstrual hygiene products available at no cost in all gender-neutral bathrooms and bathrooms designated for female students in schools that serve students in any of grades six through 12.

     Status The bill is on the Senate floor and could be voted on anytime this weekend.

    HB 1336 This bill would authorize public utility districts, port districts, cities and towns, and counties to provide retail telecommunications services.

     Status The bill is on the Senate floor calendar.

    HB 1476 This bill originally required use of 2019-20 enrollments to calculate state appropriations if greater than 2020-21 and 2021-22 enrollments. The Appropriations Committee removed those provisions, codified changes to levy formulas for the 2022 and 2023 calendar years, and added intent language that the Legislature intends to provide enrollment stabilization funding in the operating budget.

     Status The bill is on the Senate floor. There is stabilization funding in both the Senate and House budgets.

        Bills the League Is Watching

          SB 5175 This bill would establish a loan and grant program for financing broadband infrastructure projects under the authority of the community economic revitalization board.

           Status This bill is probably dead.

          SB 5357 This bill would create the broadband investment acceleration program in the statewide broadband office.

           Status The House Capital Budget Committee scheduled an executive session March 25, but no action was taken. The bill may be dead, but there is some funding in the Capital Budgets.

          SB 5383 This bill would authorize a public utility district to provide retail telecommunication services in an unserved area under certain conditions.

           Status The bill is on the House floor.

            Bills the League Opposes That Missed the Cutoff
              HB 1195 This bill would extend the time frame by five years during which 40 more charter schools may be established

              HB 1396 This bill would require all 2.5 social studies credits be taken in U.S. history and government. This would remove the semester credit of civics, where state and local government are taught

              SB 5374 This bill would require students to take the Heritage Foundation's Guide to the Constitution and the study of the history and negative effects of communism

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