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Economic Justice

Ensure equality of opportunity, prevent and reduce poverty and promote fair policies for all struggling to realize their human potential.

Issue Team Chair: Amy Davis, adavis@lwvwa.org(360) 427-1956
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2020 Legislative Session Wrap Up

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This session we supported bills promoting equitable access to education, housing and employment, expanding the safety net of unemployment insurance to caregivers to allow for good cause quits, improving services for individuals with disabilities and bills addressing unfair policies toward vulnerable populations. The successful passage of this legislation is reported below.

Click on Bill # for detailed information.  See UPDATES below.

Bills the League Supported That Have Been Signed Into Law
  • SB 5473/HB 1445  Will direct the Employment Security Dept. to conduct a study that analyzes the impacts of amending state unemployment insurance laws to allow for good cause quits for reasons related to family responsibilities. The safety net that unemployment insurance provides must be available to working people who are also family caregivers, the vast majority being women. An act relating to making unemployment benefits accessible to persons with family responsibilities and other availability issues and making clarifying changes.  UPDATE: The Governor signed.
  • SB 6034 An act relating to extending the time allowed to file a complaint with the human rights commission for a claim related to pregnancy discrimination. UPDATE: The Governor signed.
  • HB 2455 Supporting access to child care for parents who are attending high school or working toward completion of a high school equivalency certificate. This bill reduces barriers minor parents face - child care, transportation, and cash assistance while pursuing their education, an additional determinant of inter-generational poverty.  signed by the Governor.

  • HB 1783 Creating the Washington state office of equity.  A task force will identify ways state agencies can iprove their practices to promote equity in acdess to aducation, housing, employmet and public assistance eligibility. The office was created, but funding for it was vetoed.

Bills the League Supported That Did Not Pass

  • HB 2009SB 5489 HEAL ACT to create a task force to address health disparities due to environmental impacts. Last session’s budget bill ESHB 1109 funds the work for the task force, but we will follow the adopted policy funded and assigned to the Department of Health to track the outcome. UPDATE; We will track this next session.

  • SB 5129HB 1343 Increasing revenues for the support of state government. Eliminate the tax break of capital gains by imposing a 9% tax on the sale or exchange of long-term capital assets.

  • SB 6017 An act relating to providing progressive tax reform by imposing an excise tax on annual compensation in excess of one million dollars.

  • HB 1056 Creating a task force to identify the role of the workplace in helping curb domestic violence. UPDATE: Passed the House yeas,96; nays, 0. First reading in Senate Labor & Commerce committee. nays, 0. 
  • SB 5810/HB 1527 Providing a working families’ tax credit. By expanding eligibility and benefits of the Working Families Tax Exemption Program, this bill addresses Washington State’s regressive tax system and brings relief to lower income workers

Bills the League Watched

  • SB 5995 Establishing the Washington investment trust. (State Bank Bill)
  • SB 6040 Concerning the budgeting process for certain state waiver services for individuals with developmental disabilities. UPDATE:   Passed in the House yeas, 97; nays, 0; excused, 1. Final passage in the Senate yeas, 48; nays, 0; excused, 1. To be delivered to the Governor. 
  • SB 6056 Concerning the budgeting process for services for individuals with developmental disabilities. UPDATE:  no progress.

HB 1783/SB 5776 Creating the Washington state office of equity.  A task force will identify ways state agencies can improve their practices to promote equity in access to education, housing, employment, and public assistance eligibility.  Passed the House yeas, 56; nays, 41. Passed the Senate yeas, 28, nays, 21. UPDATE:  Delivered to the Governor  

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