Climate Action Toolkit

Climate change is threatening the basic environmental processes that sustain life on Earth. The LWVWA encourages local leagues to use this tool kit to educate, advocate and take political action to secure a livable planet for our children and future generations.

About Us

The League of Women Voters Washington is concerned about climate impacts to our state. Climate change is threatening environmental processes that sustain life on Earth - the air, water, food, land, built and natural infrastructure we all rely on. We developed this toolkit, focused on Washington State and the Northwest, to help our members educate, advocate and take political action so all our communities are able to survive and thrive.

This Climate Action Toolkit originated from a survey of league chapters to identify local concerns and possible mitigations/solutions in Washington state. Focusing on the top climate concerns of your community is a first step in communicating, advocating and taking action.

Using the Climate Action Toolkit
  • Use Why Do We Care? to find a climate impact of concern in your community. What actions are you willing to create or support to mitigate or solve the impact?
  • Use Communicating & Inspiring Action to inspire your community to take action
  • Use Advocacy for help spreading your message to legislators, the press and social media
  • Use What is Climate Change for background information

Thank you for taking action to make our communities better places to live!

LWVWA Climate Action Team

Jean Carmean (Bellingham-Whatcom) & Ellyn Murphy (Benton-Franklin) Co-Chairs
Judy Bevington (Seattle-King)
Marianne Seifert (Tacoma)
Heather Brown (Bellingham-Whatcom)
Connie Voget (Seattle-King)
Jayne Freudenberger (Bellingham-Whatcom)
Rich Voget (Seattle-King)
Judy Hopkinson (Bellingham-Whatcom)
Sherry Wilhelm (Seattle-King)

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