The League supports legislation that would achieve balanced and efficient systems, prioritizing those that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and congestion.

Issue Team Chair: Cynthia Stewart, cstewart@lwvwa.org
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Overview of the 2024 Legislative Session

    In addition to the Transportation Legislation section below, legislation related to rail is anticipated this session. Below are some of the bills which the League will support. Rail can aid greatly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in reducing stress on the road system.

    • Redirect Climate Commitment Act Funds to Rail Projects implemented by 2030-2035.
    • Revise the Rail Curve over I-5 near Dupont and Build the 110 mph track for Amtrak Cascades
    • Enhance Washington State’s Rail-Planning and Management Capacity

    League will also support legislation to increase funding for transit and improve transit ridership and the transit experience for riders, operators, and other frontline staff.

    Below are reports the Issue Chair wrote throughout the 2024 Legislative session. There will be no further reports or action alerts this year.

    2024 Transportation Legislation

    Please see the weekly update above for the list of bills.

    How To Be Involved

    • If you are interested in a particular bill, use the links above to go to the webpage for that bill. These pages include staff summaries and reports including who testified PRO versus CON on the bill. There is also information about how to access videos of hearings that have been held.
    • If you do nothing else, please scan the LWVWA Legislative Action Newsletter each week (it's distributed each Sunday during the legislative session) and respond to the Action Alerts .
    • Contact Cynthia Stewart, Transportation Issue Chair, with questions or for additional information.

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