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The State We're In: Washington
A Civics Text by the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund


Gun Safety Tool Kit: Sound Fact Based  Sources on Gun Safety

Politics of the Possible

Politics of the Possible
The Incredible Story of Mary Ellen McCaffree

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What Does It Take to be a Good Citizen? - Poster

Integrity Washington

LWVWA Leader of     Coalition to Pass I-1464, Washington Government Accountability Act

The League of Women Voters has helped form a coalition of organizations and leaders from across the political spectrum  to support and pass Initiative-1464, the Washington Government Accountability Act. This initiative will restore public trust and confidence by requiring greater transparency, limiting the influence of lobbyists, strengthening enforcement of campaign-finance and ethics laws, and empowering small donors to ensure everyone in Washington has a voice.

The LWV is all about making democracy work and I-1464 strongly represents our values of transparency, citizen involvement and campaign-finance reform. For the League, this is not just another issue; this is our issue.

We need to get this initiative on ballot, which means the campaign, Integrity Washington needs your help! They are counting on League members to help with the signature gathering effort and to spread the word about this effort. If you would like to be in involved in signature gathering or in any other way please contact ksakahara@lwvwa.org.

2016 Legislature Wrap-Up

Capitol building in Olympia
The Legislature adjourned sine die March 29 after a 60-day regular session and extra weeks in overtime to finalize a 2015-17 supplemental budget.

The final budget added little new spending. The Legislature paid for the 2015 wild fires using dollars from the ‘Rainy Day Fund’.  See for more information on our
Revenue and Budget page.

education, legislators punted on fully funding Washington’s K-12 system to the 2017 session and passed a charter school bill. Although the Governor did not sign the legislation, he allowed it to pass into law rather than veto it.

As with all legislative sessions, League priorities met with some success and many disappointments.  Areas of success included
mental health, firefighting, economic and criminal justice and fighting off attacks on environmental protection.  Please visit our Actions and Positions page and follow the links to each of issue pages for a summary of legislative activity this session.

Charter Schools
Children in classroom
The League of Women Voters of WA was a party to the lawsuit regarding funding of charter schools and is gratified that the Supreme Court affirmed that Charter Schools are not common schools and therefore are not eligible to receive restricted common school funding from the state. 

We are disappointed in the passage of
E2SSB 6194, Public Non Common Schools. We are concerned about the public lack of accountability in allowing unelected boards to make decisions about how to spend public money.

The League remains committed to funding for all of Washington’s students.

Read more about League's position.

2016 Presidential Election 
Washington Republicans will have their say in the nomination process in the Presidential Preference Primary on May 24, 2016. Washington Democrats held their caucuses on March 26. 

For more information click here 


Crowds packed caucuses in Washington state in 2008

I-1366 Ruling Appealed

LWVWA was pleased with King County Superior Court Judge's Downing's ruling declaring I-1366 unconstitutional and void in its entirety. That ruling was appealed and The Washington State Supreme Court heard oral arguments on March 15 and we await their decision. See Judge Downing's ruling here.

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Meet us at the River -- The Columbia River that is...

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The 2016 Combined Council – LWV Washington and LWV Oregon - June 3-5, 2016, in Vancouver WA

Council Agenda

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