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We call for redistricting reform before 2031 that includes an updated commission, ongoing staff & technology support, process transparency, clearly defined ranked criteria, an inclusive process for public input and language accessibility.

Issue Chair: Alison McCaffree, 720-6813
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We call for comprehensive redistricting reform before the next commission in 2031. Simple fixes are not going to be enough to get maps that represent our communities well. Let’s set the next commission up for success. Our system is clearly not robust enough. We call for working sessions on redistricting in the House and Senate State Government Committees and deep discussion during the interim. Download a copy of our proposed timeline below here. 

See the 2021 LWVWA Mapping Process and final maps here -

See the 2021 Speak Up School - Learn to Testify process here. -

July 12, 2022 - On 11/16/21, the 2021 Redistricting Commission passed the responsibility to decide the maps to the Courts but did end up producing maps they negotiated passed the deadline. On 12/3/21, the Courts decided to accept these maps. On 2/8/22 The Legislature passed technical updates suggested by county auditors and election officials.  On 2/23/22 The commission agreed on a settlement on two lawsuits that attested they did not follow the Open Public Meetings Act. A lawsuit attesting that the maps passed violate the federal Voting rights Act is ongoing. The maps will not change for the 2022 Elections. 

Comprehensive Reform

Please ask your state and local representative to call for comprehensive redistricting reform. Comprehensive redistricting reform includes:

    1)    Changing the structure of the commission to have non-political operatives and people who do not identify with either of the two major parties. This would include a structured process to identify and select commissioners.

    2)    Sooner or ongoing staff to support commission in data collection and keeping the public informed. This staff would also support the legislature in determining if new districts might be needed mid-decade and support other departments in potential population shift trends.

    3)    Process transparency to ensure the public wishes are considered and followed

    4)    Put into law the definitions of redistricting map criteria and how they will be ranked. 

    5)    Language accessibility for input and redistricting information dissemination.

    6)    Comprehensive and inclusive process for public outreach and input.

    Bill Tracking

    League priority bills are in bold below.

    Senate Bills Senate House After Passage
    Bill # Bill Name (Brief Title) League Position Take Action In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  Passed Legislature On Governor's Desk Signed
    SB 5560
    Changes to redistricting plan definition and submission


    SB 5583 People Incarcerated & in group setting to be counted at home for local redistricting Supports


    SB 5597 Enhanced Washington Voting Rights Act Supports


    House Bills House Senate After Passage
    Bill # Bill Name (Brief Title) League Position Take Action In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  In Committee On Floor Calendar Passed  Passed Legislature On Governor's Desk Signed
    HCR 4407 Small changes to redistricting maps Watching


    Weekly Reports

    These weekly updates will provide you with a "deep dive" into the progress of each bill, along with more analysis of the potential impact of the bill if it should pass. 

    Bill Descriptions

    HCR 4407 Small changes to redistricting maps. This resolution makes technical adjustments to the maps that the WA State Redistricting commission created in 2021. The changes are still being evaluated. No change is more than 2% of any district.

    SB 5560 Changes to redistricting plan definition and submission:  This bill makes changes to the definition of a redistricting plan and the process for submission so that a complete plan must be created and voting on before the deadline. This bill fixes the most egregious errors by the commission but does not go far enough. Support this fix and support comprehensive redistricting reform.

    SB 5583 Local Redistricting must place everyone in their home district:s: Every community deserves to get credit for the representation of their residents who are from and/or will soon return to that community. This bill applies the adjustments from 2019 5287 where Federal and State redistricting must adjust Census numbers for people in group settings (prisons or hospitals). County, city, and other local municipalities should count people in their home districts too.

    SB 5597 Enhances WA Voting Rights Act: Enhances the Washington State Voting Rights Act by strengthening prohibition on racialized vote dilution, provides a cost recovery mechanism, creates procedures for pro-active review and analysis and creates a statewide database. These changes help underrepresented communities have the voice and for seeking remedies when policy negatively affects them.

    How To Be Involved
    • Local Leagues in Washington have action chairs who coordinate action teams. Some local Leagues have democracy teams to take action locally. Contact your local League action chair to find out and join.
    • You may also express your opinion on legislation with the LWVWA issue chairs. We will take your perspectives under considerations as we determine our support for legislation and prepare testimony. Alison McCaffree, Redistricting Issue Chair,

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