Nominations for LWVWA Board of Directors: Affecting Public Policy

02 Jan 2023 11:38 AM | Anonymous

by Mary Coltrane, LWVWA 1st Vice President, Nominating Committee Member

Have you wondered what it would be like to serve on the LWVWA Board of Directors? Have you thought it might be a good fit for you? Have you been curious enough to ask yourself, “What does the Board do, anyway?”

Maybe you’ve noticed the state League has taken a position on an important initiative. How did that happen? The state League seems to be very involved in legislative lobbying. What’s going on there? How about Voter Services and Civic Education? How does the state League decide whether to hold a candidate forum or debate and what goes into it? Maybe you’re interested in getting youth more engaged in voting; what does the state League do to help with that? And during January, the state League is spearheading League’s grassroots process of deciding what items (if any) to take up for state-wide study during the 2023-25 program year.

And then there’s work to support local Leagues in their efforts, and to serve as an interface between local Leagues and the National League. League’s federated structure means each League is its own incorporated entity; coordination is critical.

The LWVWA Nominating Committee is looking for candidates to fill several positions for the next biennium:

  • President
  • 2nd Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Three (3) Director positions.

Check out state League’s Nominations web page to learn more about what it means to be on the state board. Contact any member of the Nominating Committee if you have questions.

Nominating Committee Members:

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