For updates on the 2020 Legislative session, with detailed information on the bills we are supporting and watching, click on the issue topics below.

Elections, Campaign Finance, & Government Ethics— Improve access to the ballot, reduce the influence of special interest money, and increase transparency in government and politics.
Kathy Sakahara, ksakahara@lwvwa.org, (206) 261-7797
Issue Paper

Election Methods— Promote the adoption and implementation of election methods that maximize representation and citizen participation.
Barbra Chevalier, barbra.n.chevalier@gmail.com, (425) 445-2281
Issue Paper 

Election Security— Promote security, accuracy, auditability, and transparency in elections.
Kirstin Mueller, kmueller@lwvwa.org
Issue Paper

Census & Redistricting— Ensure the redistricting process is accessible and transparent with timeframes that enable input and strengthen results and support an accurate and complete 2020 Census.
Alison McCaffree, alison.mccaffree@stanfordalumni.org, (253) 720-6813
Issue Paper

Economic & Social Justice— Ensure equality of opportunity, prevent and reduce poverty and promote fair policies for all struggling to realize their human potential.
Amy Davis, adavis@lwvwa.org, (360) 427-1956
Issue Paper

Health Care, Behavioral Health, & Reproductive Rights— Ensure access for all residents to comprehensive, uniform and affordable physical and behavioral health care and reproductive services.
Kim Abbey, kabbey48@gmail.com, (206) 387-6134 | Susan Eidenschink, susaneiden@harbornet.com, (253) 365-4005; 
Issue Paper: Health Care
Issue Paper: Reproductive Rights

Housing & Homelessness— Achieve policies and funding necessary to address the homelessness crisis and assure an adequate supply of affordable housing for middle-to-low income people.
Cynthia Stewart, stewdahl@comcast.net
Issue Paper

Gun Safety— Limit accessibility of firearms, including assault-style weapons and high capacity clips. Enact safe storage requirements for guns.
Pat Griffith, pgriffith@lwvwa.org, (206) 285-2452
Issue Paper

Ensure the state continues fully funding education. Support student health and safety legislation.
Catherine Ahl, cathahl@hotmail.com, (360) 697-7924

Issue Paper: General Education
Issue Paper: Charter Schools


Climate Change— Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, put a price on carbon, and enact measures to promote climate resiliency.
Phyllis Farrell, phyllisfarrell681@hotmail.com, (360) 789-8307
Issue Paper

Energy— Protect the Washington Energy Independence Act, increase renewable power use and promote energy conservation in building and lifestyle practices
Vacant - Interim: Raelene Gold, rgold@lwvwa.org, (206) 303-7218
Issue Paper

Forests & Rivers— Protect our forests from destructive wildfires and logging practices. Protect our northwest public lands and rivers systems.
Raelene Gold, rgold@lwvwa.org, (206) 303-7218
Issue Paper

Transportation— Achieve a balanced transportation system that is integrated, adequate and effective, prioritizes maintenance and emphasizes emissions reduction and traffic reduction strategies such as public transportation.
Cynthia Stewart, stewdahl@comcast.net
Issue Paper

Water— Continue improving the state and local governmental programs empowered to protect the quality and quantity of our water including municipal water, groundwater, and in-stream flows.
Martin Gibbins, mgibbins@lwvwa.org, (425) 361-5007
Issue Paper

Adopt fair revenue policies to adequately fund services and functions critical to the well-being of the people of our state.
Cynthia Stewart, stewdahl@comcast.net

Issue Paper


Nancy Sapiro: nsapiro [at] nwjustice.net  |  206-909-7454
Pam Crone: pamcrone [at] gmail.com  |  206-650-0020

Legislative Agenda Card (PDF)

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