Ensure the state follows through with its promise of fully funding education. Support student health and safety legislation.

Issue Team Chair: Catherine Ahl – cathahl [at] – (360) 697-7924
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Looking towards the 2020 Session - Starting January 13 

We will be advocating for full funding for Special Education and increased funding for support staff (nurses, counselors, social workers, etc.), in addition to the bills we supported but didn't pass last session. We will also be watching for bills tied to the State Charter School Commission's Legislative agenda of access to state level levy equalization funding (the current law doesn't allow them to run levies or access levy dollars from school districts and state level facilities support (the Superior Court and Supreme Court ruled that Charter School access to the School Construction Fund unconstitutional).

      Bills the League Supported in 2019 That Did Not Pass...and are still alive for 2020
      • SB 5315 Would have increased the number of nurses, social workers, psychologists, counselors and other student support staff who support the mental, behavioral and physical health and safety of students. 
      • SB 5395 Would have required comprehensive sexual health education in all schools. The Senate passed this bill 28-21, and it was heard in the House Education Committee on March 12 but no vote was taken. This would have required a curriculum that is evidence-informed, inclusive for all students, age appropriate, and is consistent with the state health and physical education learning standards. School districts must grant a parent’s request to have their child excused from this class. 
      • SB 5532 Requires that special-education advisory committees be created in each school district, access to advocates to help families navigate the special-education system, and professional development for all teachers. 
      • SCR 8405 Would have stated that the cut-off dates shall not apply to matters relating to K-12 education funding.

      • SB 5841 Would have eliminated the philosophical or personal objection for all vaccines required to attend school. We supported this bill over HB 1638 because it covered all vaccines, not just measles, mumps and rubella.

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