January 6th Candlelight Vigil for Democracy

Thank you to everyone who participated in the candlelight vigil at Pope Marine Plaza. Below are the remarks shared at the event.

All across the nation, Leagues and other organizations are holding vigils to honor our dear friend democracy. I am honored to stand here today with all of you and show our support for this wonderful democratic experiment we are part of. 

I use the word experiment, because as any of you who have spent time in a laboratory know, experiments take time, patience, and a lot of work to get right. The early years of our nation saw voting limited to a select few, millions of people enslaved, and millions forcibly removed from their land. It took a hundred years before the right to vote began to expand. 

We are an imperfect nation, still struggling to create a truly representative democracy, still struggling to create structures where the voices of everyone can be heard. 

We here in Washington, along with our fellow citizens in Utah and Oregon have it easy. Our ballots are mailed to us. We can mail them back or we have ballot boxes scattered across the county. I am thankful every day that our elected officials had the foresight to make it easy for everyone in this state to vote.

But in many states across the nation, gerrymandering is making it harder for people to be represented by individuals who come from their communities of interest. Voter restrictions being implemented across the nation are placing burdens on citizens seeking to exercise their right to vote.

In our nation’s Capitol, a year ago today, a few thousand people decided to pose an additional threat to democracy, interrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count the electoral votes, attacking police officers and threatening elected officials.

I ask you now to take a moment of silence to remember those law enforcement officers at the US Capitol who died or were injured, solely because they were doing their duty to safeguard democracy.           --       May the Capitol officers who stood between our elected officials and those seeking to do them harm be ever vigilant of their duties.   --

I ask you now to bow your heads in silent acknowledgement of the women and men who worked tirelessly to expand the right to vote. Millions before us marched in the streets, endured beatings, fire-bombings, and untold numbers died, all to secure the right to vote and to be represented by members of their own communities.

We stand here in awe of the work they did in the past. And we have a duty to continue that work. Vote. Do what you can to make sure others vote. Work with our elected officials to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Donate your time and money to organizations seeking greater representation in democracy. Write letters for Vote Forward or other organizations encouraging people to register and vote. Donate time and money to voting rights organizations in states facing massive voting restrictions.

We are all a part of this beautiful and imperfect nation, seeking to make it better each and every day. Please, I ask you, do your part this year. Volunteer. Do what you can to keep our democracy going and let the light of democracy keep shining over this nation of ours.

Remember that we are here in solidarity. We are here to be a light for democracy and a light for each other. Let kindness and generosity be your guide as we work to make our democracy stronger.

Thank you for coming.

Jefferson County Ballot Box Locations:

Quinault Nation (Queets)

In front of the Queets Tribal Office

Quilcene Community Center

294952 Highway 101, Quilcene

Nordland Fire Station

6633 Flagler Road, Nordland

Jefferson County Library

620 Cedar Ave, Port Hadlock

(Next to the book drop box in the parking lot.)

Jefferson County Courthouse

1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend

(One in the back parking lot, one in front of the building, and one outside the County Auditor’s Office)

Hoh Nation

2261 Lower How Road, Forks

(In front of the Tribal Police Center)

Gateway Visitor Center

93 Beaver Valley Road, Port Ludlow

Brinnon Community Center

306144 Highway 101, Brinnon

Information Sessions on Running for Office

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