Completing the census (and getting out the count) are two actions we can take to support our communities and participate fully in our democracy. More than $800 billion of federal funding for states and localities is allocated according to official census counts, affecting decisions and funds for schools, hospitals, roads, infrastructure, and other areas of daily life. Urge your friends and family to complete the census and help in the League's call to action.

How can Washington State Leagues answer the census call to action?

  1. Open the official letter from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  2. Complete the 10 census questions online.
  3. Tell everyone you know to do the same.
  4. Contact your local Complete Count Committee (check the state Office of Financial Management website) for information about what you can do.

Useful Links

The United States Census 2020 website
has tons of information about the census and how you can help.

Washington State Office of Financial Management 2020 Census webpage
includes links for census jobs, census toolkits, and promotional resources.

Washington State Complete Count Committees

Spokane Census Video
Colville Business Council member Andy Joseph Jr. shared a story about the impact a census undercount had on the Colville Confederated Tribes when they experienced a flu outbreak. 

Nonprofit Census Info Template
This is a sample message for you to include in your newsletter or other communications about the census. Please feel free to customize the text to fit your organization’s mission and style.

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