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The State We're In: Washington
A Civics Text by the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund

Civility in Our Democracy
Program Information & Registration

  • League members, community partners, civic officials and the public are invited to participate in the 4-hour Public Introductory Workshops building conflict awareness and de-escalation skills.

    • Spokane County Workshop - October 6

  • The 6-month Moderator Training launched in July 2012 and includes League members, community partners, civic leaders and community activists and builds on existing League nonpartisan principles and programs.


The League of Women Voters of Washington, with help from the LWVUS Education Fund, is developing a pool of skilled moderators who can help citizens access fact-based information in today's changing campaign environment and productively discuss the candidates and issues in high-tension environments.


Active citizens can have a major impact on public policy. Of course, that is what we in the LWV have known and demonstrated for almost a century. In Olympia, among legislature, state government and advocacy groups the League is regarded as knowledgeable and credible. We maintain nonpartisan relationships well and are sought after for our legislative education and advocacy support. Help us respond to increasing requests for nonpartisan League moderators to moderate public issues forums and engage the public in complex policy issues.


Register via the form below. This program is offered for free thanks to the generosity of LWVUS & LWVWA Ed Fund Boards, donors, and co-sponsors.

Civility in Our Democracy Program training modules, materials, and assessments are grounded in adopted best practices for community engagement in public issues and will be prepared by Dumas & Associates, Inc. and a team of public issues conflict resolution, adult education, and community engagement specialists working with League Moderators from across Washington. Program participants will participate in pre and post training assessments which will be used in the development of replicable toolkits for continued use by Leagues in Washington and across the United States.

Online Registration Form

Public Introductory Workshops:

LEARN how and why conflict occurs between people and groups, how it escalates, and how to manage it during tense discussions. Join citizens and civic leaders across Washington who commit to using civil approaches to participating in the 2012-2013 elections. Each 4-hour workshop is a fast-paced, skills-building session for League members, civic leaders and community partners and includes discussion about real issues. This program is open to League members and community guests across Washington. Please contact the state office if you're interested in joining us.

6-Month Moderator Training

This program launched in July 2012. Click here for details.

JOIN a Network of Civility and learn skills to support reasoned discussion of the facts and values driving the issues in the news and on our ballots. Practice and apply conflict de-escalation skills and reasoned thinking approaches in groups of all sizes, digital and live. You’ll help promote reasoned, civil discussions in communities across Washington State while building a network of colleagues equally committed to less rhetoric and more meaningful discussion about the tough public policy choices ahead. This 12-hour Moderator Training program examines best practices in public issues conflict and 21st century campaign & elections tools. Training includes assessments, practicum assignments and toolkits for continued learning with LWVWA and Leagues nationwide.